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Have you ever had the experience of a stranger coming out of the blue and having a piece of information that you required? Have you ever been guided away from making a mistake by a friend or complete stranger in the best place at the correct time? Can you recall what this seemed like?

Have you ever noticed your role in another individual’s manifestation of an experience? You may be provided something or did something that felt right for you, and for them was an uncanny coincidence. Have you ever found yourself in the best location to offer something crucial to another person? Perhaps you felt forced to talk with a complete stranger and you had the piece of information they were searching for?

I call this interaction between individuals ‘Dancing.’ We dance with others throughout every day of our lives. When we are open and ready, we take part and help in the manifestation of their experience and others do the same for us. Some of these experiences are positive, and we feel like we are in the real circulation of life. Other experiences are more challenging, and even unfavorable, and can leave us questioning how we pertained to draw such an unfavorable or agonizing experience into our lives.

Law of Attraction Love and Relationships

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The Law of Attraction is an exceptionally powerful force that impacts our lives, whether or not we are aware of how it is operating at any one time. Basically, what we give our focus, feeling, and attention, we draw in into our lives. Moving towards purposeful attraction needs an awareness of our intent, attention, and emotion. In a sense, we move from unconsciously producing occasions in our lives to purposely and intentionally impacting our experience.

When talking about the law of attraction in relationships, numerous questions turn up. These include: Can we draw a specific individual into our lives? Am I accountable – did I draw in – this abuse from my colleague, partner, good friend, or family member? How can I bring in the relationship I want?

Among the issues, these questions have in common is a look at where our duty ends and another individual’s starts.

Matching – Picking our Partners

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Everybody that you draw in into our lives and engage with, is a match to something that you are vibrating at either a conscious or subconscious level.

If we want to know what you are vibrating, look at who you are attracting. It is a perfect match!

There are different types of matches to our vibrations. The most apparent is when we get a comparable match.

Ideally, we wish to feel empowered, positive, and cheerful and draw in other empowered and positive individuals to us in all elements of our life. When this occurs, there is a sharing and connection that feels terrific. It is an ideal match!

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When feeling down, (low vibration), you might draw in a good friend who calls to grumble about all the important things they are down about. In this case, our low vibration brings in someone of similar vibration. We will frequently engage with the individual and remain at that low vibration or possibly collectively go lower. How does this feel?

Other Matches

Have you ever had a friend or customer stuck in a ‘victim vibration’ who seemed to bring in abusive partners in their romantic or service relationships? Their vibration as a victim can be a match to a possible abuser. A second match to the ‘victim vibration’ is the rescuer. Rescuers, victims, and abusers produce what we know as the ‘victim’ or ‘drama’ triangle. These 3 roles vibrate matches to each other and individuals typically get stuck moving from the indicated point in the triangle. In one relationship they might be the victim. In the next, they may be the rescuer or the abuser.

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For example, a number of the youth I have worked with in custody fall under this trap. They are often violent to ‘rescue’ a buddy or to avenge a wrong. When caught, they feel taken advantage of by the police. When sentenced to custody, they feel like a victim of the justice system. They discuss getting even (culprit role), blaming others for their circumstance (victim role), and wishing to stick with their kid or lady buddy to keep them from getting into problems (rescuer role). They continue to attract the very same three matches into their lives and custody ends up being a revolving door.


There are other less obvious variations of this triangle. Chronically ill individuals, extremely desperate or needy people, frequently vibrate matches for individuals who attempt to help them or use them in some way.

DRAMA TRIANGLE – Vulnerability

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The majority of children and numerous adults live their lives unconscious of the law of attraction and the many other forces at work in producing their experience. Such individuals are unaware of the result of their attention, focus, and feelings. Their energy might be spread instead of focused and their feelings may be mixed and reactive. Such individuals are ‘vulnerable’ and can become unconscious participants in the more focused and purposeful manifestation of others.

We understand that most culprits choose their victims. This is a truth. They unconsciously or purposely match susceptible kids and grownups, (banks and so on) at an instinctive level. More youthful kids, the elderly, or adults with impairments are typically selected for this reason. Children and some grownups are then vulnerable to becoming part of a more purposeful strategy and action by someone with a higher objective, feeling, and focus.

In addition, there are people who utilize these same laws of destination to manifest power for themselves or damage others. They believe they are right, entitled, or are unconsciously driven to such experiences. In many cases, their focus is collective and extremely effective. Terrorists and other fear-based organizations are examples of this dynamic.

Free Choice

Scarcity Thinking vs. Abundance Thinking

I as soon as had an extremely amazing discussion with a Native teacher about the three principles of fate, capacity, and free choice. To the best of my recollection, this is how he specified these principles.

Fate: Is a chance to meet a life’s purpose. It is an established situation that will manifest at some point in life. Some Native groups believe that we are born with predestined challenges that were agreed upon by our forefathers before our birth. Other Native groups think that there are ‘deals’ made with other souls prior to birth to be part of their enlightenment challenge here on earth.

Possible: When we are challenged, the experience has the perspective to be an effective healing or damaging force. If we rise to the challenge and act out of integrity and grace, we heal both present and past problems associated with the occasion. If we fail the challenge, we hurt ourselves and others involved.

Free Choice: We all have free choice. This is why we can not bring in a person to us who does not want to engage with us. We pick whom we engage with and we pick our actions.

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We bring matches into our lives. It is our choice to engage with them or not. We are responsible for our actions. They are accountable for what they pick to do.

As we become more aware, we can likewise think about matches and experiences as effective information and feedback regarding what we are vibrating. We can likewise pick to engage or not engage, stay or leave. We can likewise pick to use these details to move ourselves to a different level of vibration.

The power of the law of attraction regarding love and relationships is determined by your energy frequency and vibration. A healthy relationship does not involve a drama triangle. Love and relationships take time – when all parties are on the same universe vibration they are more likely to succeed.

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