Secret Law of Attraction

Secret Law of Attraction

There remains in Nature a great Law– the  Secret Law of Attraction– by the operations of which all things– from atoms to men– are attracted toward each other in the degree of the typical affinity of common use.

The reverse of this law– which is merely another manifestation of its power– is what is called Repulsion, which is but the other pole of Attraction, and by the operations of which things tend to repel each other in the degree that they are unlike, opposing, and of no use to each other.

The Law of Attraction is Universal, on all the airplanes of life, from the physical to the spiritual. Its operations are consistent and constant, and we might take the phenomena of one plane and thus study the phenomena of another airplane, for the same guideline uses in each case– the exact same Law is in operation in the same way.

Starting with the small corpuscles, electrons, or ions, of which the atoms are formed, we find manifested the Law of Attraction– specific electrons draw in each other, and drive away others still, thereby causing to spring into existing groups, combinations and colonies of electrons which being in agreement and harmony manifest and constitute what are called atoms, which up until just recently were expected to be the primal kind of matter.

Handing down the atoms themselves, we find numerous degrees of affinity and destination existing between them which trigger them to integrate and form into molecules of which all masses of matter consists.

For example, every drop of water is composed of numerous molecules of water. And each particle is made up of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen– the combination always being the same in every particle of water. Now, why do these atoms integrate in just in this manner– with the same invariable grouping and proportion? Not by chance, certainly, for there is no such thing in Nature– there is a natural law back of every phenomenon.

And in this case it is the Law of Attraction manifesting in the case of these atoms. And it is so in all chemical combinations– it is called Chemical Affinity. In some cases a connected atom will can be found in contact with, or in proximity to, another atom, and after that bang goes the surge of the molecule as the atom flies away from its partners and into the arms of the other atom for which it has a greater affinity. There are marriages and divorces in the world of atoms, you will notice.

And whens it comes to the particles, it is found that specific particles are brought in to others of the same kind, under what is called Cohesion, and thus masses of matter are composed. A piece of gold, silver, tin, glass, or other form of matter is made up of countless molecules held together securely by Cohesion– and this Cohesion is merely another type of the Law of Attraction– the same that draws all things together.

And, underlying the Law of Attraction is to be discovered our old Principle of Desire and Will. You might shrug your shoulders at this reference of desire and Will in connection with electrons, atoms, particles– all types of matter, but simply wait a bit and see what the leading scientific authorities have to state on the subject.

Prof. Hakel, among the world’s biggest researchers– a materialist who would sneer at the mentors of Mental Science– even this guy, naturally prejudiced versus mentalist theories, finds himself obliged to state: “The idea of chemical affinity consists in the reality that the various chemical aspects view the qualitative differences in other components– experience enjoyment of revulsion at contact with them, and carry out specific motions on this ground.”.

He likewise favorably and distinctly states that in the atoms there must be something corresponding to Desire for contact and association with other atoms, and Will to make it possible for the atom to respond to the Desire Law is constant throughout Nature, from atom to guy– physical, psychological and spiritual.

However what has all this to do with the Secret of Success you may ask? Simply, that the Law of Attraction is a vital part in the Secret of Success, inasmuch as it tends to bring to us the important things, persons and scenarios in accordance with our earnest Desire, Demand, and Will, just as it unites the atoms and other particles of matter. Make yourself an atom of Living Desire and you will bring in to yourself the individual, things and circumstances fitting in with the achievement of your Desire.

You will likewise enter rapport with those who are working along the same lines of idea, and will be brought in to them and they to you, and you will be brought into relations with individuals, things and environments most likely to work out the problem of your Desires– you will get “beside” the best individuals and things – all by the operation of this terrific natural Law of Attraction. No Necromancy or Magic about it at all– absolutely nothing supernatural or mystical– simply the operations of a great Natural Law.

Lets face it the go into idea of manifesting and utilizing the law of attraction is to really speed up what we want so that everything comes quicker. Effort and frustration needs great deals of energy that few people have.

So what is the secret to utilizing the law of attraction to manifest faster outcomes? Well there are many tricks in fact. The very first trick is to have a deep understanding of the law of attraction and how it can help you to manifest outcomes that produce a great impact.

Its amazing the number of people discover the law of attraction through the secret motion picture, tried it for a few weeks then quit. Unfortunately their lives are the same frustrating unhappy production as it always was. They continue to feel trapped, bad and stuck.

With increased understanding of the intimate nature of the law of attraction your ability grows stronger and more powerful. The learning process never stops. I have seen individuals who first tried to apply the law of attraction and failed a few times due to the fact that somehow they were not getting some little element. They continued to study and to analyze even deeper. Then suddenly it clicked and they got it.

There are individuals whose understanding of the law of attraction has actually drastically transformed their lives rapidly. Then there are those who continue to go to pieces like trapped fish swimming against the same criteria of their self enforced aquarium.

The trick to applying the law of attraction is to dive deeply into the topic, don’t stopwith one tiny bit of understanding.

You see you have believed in constraint and lack for a lot of years that it will take lots of pointers to move your awareness. Do you know that after you check out a great book on the law of attraction that your manifesting ability goes up greater? Sadly after a while you go back to your old way of being all over again.

The secret then is to never stop your knowing of the law of attraction until you master it. Resemble the athletes who train consistently to end up being extremely stars in their sport.

You can change your life. You can end up being a master of it and use the law of attraction to manifest faster and higher outcomes beyond your present condition.

Using the law of attraction begins with understanding how to use the law of attraction. Creating a physical manifestation of your wants and desires begins with the science of focusing your mind and thoughts. You can learn how to attract more money.  Read of natural law examples on this website.  When you apply the secret law of attraction you can begin manifestation – It works! It is a proven scientific principle – Natural Law.

Secret Law of Attraction

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