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We’ve been talking to you for a while. Have you been listening to it? All those books which you have been reading endlessly, processes about what to do? When you’ve got resistance in your mix. Today, we’d like to talk about something, that will be easier for you rather than wait. Until you fall into a hole and then try to dig yourself out of it. This is doable and you like that approach because people make monuments for you who look at the hole which you dug for yourself, and out no one thinks that they could make it but they do. Their life sucked for ten years but they made it out of that big old hole.

What we would like to encourage is that instead of waiting until you fall into a hole just feel strong, let go of that negative emotion that you have and get out ahead of it.

When you wake up, before you’ve focused upon the things, that introduce resistance into your experience, you actually let a little bit of momentum get going. So that you hook up with who you really are before the resistance shows itself to you. And it will because this is a human environment in which we all are living because we already have some momentum going. You have some momentum going. You have a step five moment instead of a step one moment, and you know the difference.

5 Steps to Attract Things Easier

Step one is the contrast of your life, which causes you to ask.

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Step two is when you ask, it is when your inner being and all of us that hang around there focus on what we’ve asked for. And we don’t just focus upon it, we don’t just think about it, we become it. So much so that our point of attraction gathers all of the cooperative components for what we’ve asked for. And things get all wind up for us. We just have to get in a little.

Step three moment of not being in the way or not blocking what you’ve asked for and parts of it start coming into your experience.

Step four is as ” just you’re so practiced at step three that we call you really good at step three that’s what step four is”. We know it’s weird but you can have a step-three moment and not really be a step, three-person. You can accidentally stumble into step three but when you’re doing step four that means you care about it. You care about how you feel, and how you focus on what you think about. You think more deliberately.

Step five is you’re so good at staying in alignment so good at getting out ahead of it that as life comes to you as you want it to you. Don’t feel negative emotions instead you feel the opportunity. You don’t feel like you have some challenges you feel the opportunity that it is because you were born you came deliberately into this environment. Because you are a creator and you want to gather the data and you want to come to your own conclusions. What you want actually matters. You are a unique creator and you get to create your own reality. You didn’t come to regurgitate someone else’s idea of what you should do.

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Most humans rather than listening for their vortex version which is out ahead of them, and which is calling them all the time. Instead of being under the influence of your own inner being, who adores you and who is calling you, and who gives you moment-to-moment feedback about whether you’re coming toward or moving away, from whether you’re closing the gap or widening the gap, whether you’re allowing or resistant instead of feeling for that most of you. you are sort of trained by those who got here before you and forgot about it, forgot about their own alignment.

Most of you care what other people think and so most of you use the opinions of others as your guidance what do you think about this, what do you think about this, what do you think about this and while we want you to know that we love every one of them. Did we tell you that we love every one of them they don’t make good? Did we tell you that we love every one of them? It’s not a good idea to try to please them, because first of all, they’re all different and next of all, none of them knows who you really are, and most importantly we really want you to hear this that they don’t get you at all, no matter how much you want them. They don’t get you there’s not a person on this planet who really gets you and that explains your utter disappointment.

In humanity, you keep wanting there to be someone who really understands you. It’s why you talk so much about everything. I want you to know where I’ve come from, where I’ve been and why I feel like this.

And they’re just going. Uh-huh no one of them gets you, and if they do it doesn’t help you because as you’re trying to explain to them where you came from, you’re not standing where you are, and you’re certainly not moving toward what life has caused you to become.

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So that was just our sales job to help you to realize that you have guidance within you who is always aware of you that who is calling you towards all that you have become, and while humans are lovely. They don’t pay any attention to what any of them think about what you should do, because we tell you that we love them so much. They are all in it for themselves and that’s such a good thing because everyone has this selfish orientation because you can only see through the eyes of self.

Sometimes it hurts your feelings when you realize that as they’re guiding you they are really putting you in the best position to help them, and then you think they don’t really love you.

They want this for them and we say don’t fight it. It’s the way you are eternally wired, in other words, you only have a perspective of self, now that does not mean that a person cannot get tuned. When tapped in turned on and looking some broader perspective when you are under the influence of a source then you want well-being for all, in other words when you blend with that source energy, you do care and we’re not saying that there are not people that care. Of course, there are a lot of people that care but just don’t replace any one of them as your guidance system, because they will let you down every single time. They’ll go along they’ll be perfect, and then they’ll croak the nerve of that, or they’ll look over somewhere else for a minute.

They won’t hold you as their steady object of attention can, you believe that they’ll live their own life? They’ll want their things. They might even have other friends really, but your guidance comes from your source of energy. It’s the expanded version of you and it’s tried and true and always focused upon you and always available for you. It’s like the light is always there, the signal is always there.

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Esther arrived back in San Diego and the first thing she does is turn on a computer to see if she can get a Wi-Fi signal. Well, that Wi-Fi signal is always on with your inner being, modem never shuts down. It never loses its connection. It’s always broadcasting to you 100% of the time spectrum. No time corner, no no no no no no not one of them, is stable. You go away for a month and stuff happens to that modem. Rats chew the wires, and they upgrade their equipment without thinking about you, not so with your inner being always right. They’re always aware of where you are and always broadcasting that you got a tune-in, so we’ve enjoyed this immensely.

Go out into the world and have fun. We’re eager to talk with you about whatever you want to talk about, we desire to consider with you the specifics of what you’re living and to help you know through our conversation. And to help you know, not just our words but enough conversation that you get it, how you are introducing resistance? Because, if there’s something that you have been wanting for a while and those thoughts have not turned into things for you yet then that means you’ve got resistance in the mix and most likely you’re not aware of the resistance.

If you got in the mix because there are normal beliefs that you think you should maintain because you’ve been dragging them around for a while. There are a lot of beliefs that support your new becoming, but you know, you know what doesn’t support your becoming. Now what is what’s manifested in your experience and your voracious appetite for it, your attention to what is with all of its aligning and not aligning factors, is what introduces resistance into your mix. And keeps things from moving forward for you. Wouldn’t you like to have moment-by-moment awareness of that? So you can guide yourself around the resistance. Once you like to declutter your signal. To make sure that, what you ask for comes to you more easily.

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We know, you want that and we want it for you too. So let’s go what do you want to talk about. We’re going to have a good conversation here. Today all the hands that are in the room right now don’t even come close to representing when it’s coming because you’re going to get clarity right now. It’s all about what isn’t working out and a little while. We’ll be all turned in tapped. And it’ll be about how we can get that momentum going. Right now you know what it is that, holds your horses for a moment. Right now you want to know about the awesome power of non-resistant thoughts because you want to take that power and you want to kill people. No! you want to point that power at things and make things happen.


We know you do but after we’ve chewed together for a little while you’ll be looking for the awesome pleasure of non-resistant thought. And oh! there’s such a difference because when you’re looking for the pleasure of. it feels like a difference. If you’re looking for the power of alignment right away. You point that power at something wrong and you introduce resistance into the mix but if you’re looking for the pleasure of the non-resistive thought then you’re aligned at this moment and you string a few aligned moments together and you’ve got some really good momentum going. Let that momentum get going and thoughts start turning to things and you start noticing. Start knowing your power through your pleasure.

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